singer . songwriter . fiddle player . activist


Anne has performed, toured with, or opened for the following as a fiddle player + singer:

Charlie Daniels

The Dixie Chicks

Charlie McCoy


Dan Layus

Hello Stranger feat. Dale Jett

Lorrie Carter Bennett

Jerry Vandiver

Edsel West

Kaitlin Baker

Scott Southworth

Steel Blossoms

Brother & The Hayes

Anne has appeared as a fiddle player + singer on songs or music videos by the following:

Kip Moore

Dan Layus

Julia Sheer

Calee Reed

Westrin & Mowry

Jeremy Shields

Jerry Vandiver

City of Enoch

The Social Animals

Natalee Falk

Lorrie Carter Bennett

Ron Brunk

Barnaby Bennett


Anne has written songs recorded by the following artists:

Marisa McKaye

Jacob Westfall

Larissa Lundstrom