singer . songwriter . fiddle player . activist


Anne has performed, toured with, or opened for the following as a fiddle player + singer:

Charlie Daniels

The Dixie Chicks

Charlie McCoy


Dan Layus

Hello Stranger feat. Dale Jett

Lorrie Carter Bennett

Jerry Vandiver

Edsel West

Kaitlin Baker

Scott Southworth

Steel Blossoms

Brother & The Hayes

Anne has appeared as a fiddle player + singer on songs or music videos by the following:

Kip Moore

Dan Layus

Julia Sheer

Calee Reed

Westrin & Mowry

J. Shields and the Honey Spoons

Jerry Vandiver

City of Enoch

Natalee Falk

The Social Animals

Lorrie Carter Bennett

Barnaby Bennett

Ron Brunk


Anne has written songs recorded by the following artists:

Marisa McKaye

Misty Rae Carson

Jacob Westfall

Larissa Lundstrom